Healthy Living in Europe

The project brings together 5 schools from Germany, Greece, Spain, Romania and Turkey. The drive of this project is to guide students to internalize healthy living patterns and enlarge their view about healthy lifestyles within the European Community. A healthy lifestyle means eating healthy, practicing sports, being in a harmonious relation with the natural environment, learning to deal with own feelings, promoting wellbeing, creating healthy and strong relationships and social support. By this present project we tackle all the aspects mentioned above.

The project results from a problem which some schools are facing- more and more pupils refuse the attendance of the PE classes, therefore the number of pupils who are overweight is increasing every year. Students will benefit from guidance on how to achieve healthy food habits and how important sport or any form of physical exercise is to strengthen our mental and psychological stability.

The main objective is to raise awareness about different healthy European lifestyles among 100 students from the 5 schools reunited in the present project for a period of 24 months.

The designed activities will give the participants the chance to explore the surrounding nature together, they experience the impact of their actions on the environment and how nature impacts people’s health. Sport will be used as a communicating tool for health-related information to students, but also to aid when establishing human relationships and to improve teambuilding processes.

By taking part in friendly competitions, team cohesion, goal setting and team spirit will be created and supported. Students will have the occasion of developing friendships during their work within the Erasmus+ projects club, international meetings or the online eTwinning project.

International exchanges will result in creating role models, finding sources of inspiration, opportunities for personal growth and development. Each partner school will implement topic related activities developed during the international meetings within the project clubs. The specific context of each school will be taken into consideration while doing these activities. Students will be involved in interactive activities which will develop their ability to sum up information, IT competences and critical thinking, creativity, healthy habits and practical knowledge.

Organizing activities outdoors will promote students relation with the environment. This idea will show students that education also happens in the open. Among the planned activities outdoors are field trips, study visits, meeting guest speakers from different organizations who promote leading a healthy life. While attending the seminar “Reading for Wellbeing”, students will discover that even literature can enhance personal wellbeing. The result of this project will be, that all the participants will enlarge their view of leading a healthy lifestyle in various European communities and the quality of their educational process will also improve.

This will be a unique experience in the long turn. It will create a new ideology about what a healthy life means in terms of eating and being active. The participants will grasp the idea, that each individual is responsible for creating his/her own healthy lifestyle.

We would be very happy, if you are interested and want to participate in this European project!

Yours sincerely,

Sophie-Scholl Team Europe